Scubadivers.ie was created based on huge diving and teaching experience initiated in Poland over 30 years ago. In Ireland our history began in 2005 when we started to organize and conducted scuba diving courses using PADI system as a foundation. We have chosen PADI because it is the most recognizable organization uniting divers all over the world. Our courses are conduct by highly trained and experienced people for whom scuba diving is both a passion and a way to spend free time.
The training is organized in small groups which allow us to give a maximum of engagement and support to our students. We offer a broad range of educational possibilities – starting from recreation entry level courses, through technical ones, up to professional instructor trainings. But Scubadivers.ie is not only a school of diving. We are organizing weekly based scuba trips around Ireland and also diving holidays abroad. With us you will learn new skills, meet interesting people and you will see the whole world!